Slavyanski dialozi (Slavic Dialogues) is a biannual journal that has been publishing articles and papers since 2004. Its aim is to expand what we know about the past and the present of the Slavic world and help develop the humanitarian knowledge and intercultural discourse. It is the first of its kind Slavic periodical in Bulgaria. Its goal is to create a broad panoramic perspective of the cultural development of the Slavic peoples from the most distant historical times to modern times.

This journal has been publishing Bulgarian and international research papers from different fields of humanitarian knowledge, fiction both in its original language and in translation, reviews of other recent periodicals concerning the topic of Slavic culture published inside or outside of Bulgaria, and chronicles of cultural events. Furthermore, it broadly touches upon contemporary innovative ideas in the field of Slavic linguistics, literary studies, and culture from authoritative Bulgarian and international researchers as well. The journal also offers opportunities for students (from master’s programmes and PhD students) to make their creative debut.

Slavyanski dialozi is helpful for all researchers and students in the areas of linguistics, literary studies, culturology, and history, as well as everyone who is interested in the history and modernity of the Slavic world.

The journal is published twice per year; one of the issues is always thematic.

Slavyanski dialozi is included in the National Reference List of contemporary Bulgarian scientific publications with scientific review.

ISSN 1312-5346 (print)

ISSN 2815-2611 (online)

Current issue: Issue 28, 2021