Author: Ivan Cholakov
Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv
Published in Slavyanski dialozi, Х, 2013, 14

Abstract: The paper presents a hitherto unexplored monograph on teaching methodology, which focuses on the problems of native language learning. Language Teaching Methods (1904) by Todor Benev, Sava Velev, and Vasil Nikolchov aims to imposе the didactic models of teaching approved by the German pedagogical school on the Bulgarian educational system. This way, the authors continue the trend introduced by St. Basariček to elevate the methodology to a scientific level, which introduces appropriate methods and techniques to successfully achieve the goals of native language teaching. The analysis leads to the conclusion that T. Benev, S. Velev and V. Nikolchov’s Special Methodology is important evidence of the influence the Herbartian model has had on the development of Bulgarian methodology since the beginning of the twentieth century.

Key words: pedagogy, methodology, education, native language teaching, Todor Benev, Sava Velev, Vasil Nikolchov