Author: Nikolay Zhelev
Institute for Literature, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Published in Slavyanski dialozi, XIX, 2022, 29, 9-28. [In Bulgarian]

Abstract: During the Bulgarian Revival the newspaper was not just only a medium for news. Its additional task was also to educate the public about the surrounding world from far and wide. In addition, it had a great influence in terms of establishing the Bulgarian national identity. The newspaper Otechestvo spreads ideas about reforming the Ottoman empire as a dualistic monarchy following the footsteps of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The newspaper shows interest not only in the political structure of Austro-Hungary but also in the Slavs living there, mainly the Czechs, presenting their history, current state and current news. The newspaper delves, too, into Pan-Slavism. Otechestvo acknowledges the slavic origin of Bulgarians but does not develop its own Slavic idea. The newspaper does not recognise different Slavic ideas – only Pan-Slavism.

Key words: Slavic ideas, newspaper, dualism, cultural relations