Author: Zhorzheta Cholakova
Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv
Published in Slavyanski dialozi,  XIX, 2022, 30

Abstract: The present study is an attempt to highlight the fields of discussion in the image of Job from the Old Testament that contain the hermeneutical energy of the numerous and divergent artistic interpretations that have followed. The first part of the study, which is presented hereby, focuses on the authentic biblical narrative and the complex set of implicit issues, which are the most common object of interpretation in the theological literature. The questions of God’s silence and the role of Satan as the source of Job’s suffering, the theodicy and anthropodicy, the humility and rebellion, etc., are all addressed. The study also examines Job’s role in two religious treatises by John Amos Comenius, The Mournful and Centrum securitatis, which provide an eloquent expression to the theological thought of the Czech scholar and theologian.

Key words: Job, theodicy, anthropodicy, Mikulas Konac, John AmosComenius, The Mournful, Centrum securitatis

Josef Jíra, Job, 1988 – 1993