Author: Atanaska Tosheva
Paisii Hilendarski university of Plovdiv
Published in: Slavyanski dialozi, XV, 2018, 21

Abstract: The comparison of the linguistic characterizations of Rila Remake and rewritings from Rila editing of Istoriya Slavyanobulgarska shows their belonging to the Slavic – Bulgarian language – a separate literary language type with specific structure, organization’s principles of diverse genetic linguistic elements and function sphere, which originates in the historical writings by Paisii and Spiridon. The research of the writings gives the opportunity to follow the single stages ofentering and settling of the national speech basis in this mixed literary language type, as well as the extent of its participation in the form of the Bulgarian literary language.

Key words: Rila remake, rewritings from Rila editing of Istoriya Slavyanobulgarska, Slavic – Bulgarian language, mixed literary language type, formation of of the new Bulgarian literary language.