Author: Atanaska Tosheva
Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv
Published in: Slavyanski dialozi, XVI, 2019, 23

Abstract: The Rila Remake dates back to 1825 in Rila’s monastery and was written by Paisii Nikolaevich. It initiates the compilations and the remakes of Istoriya Slavyanobulgarska, which combine plots, historical facts and events, borrowed from the two main historical works of the Bulgarian National Revival – these by Paisii Hilendarski and Spiridon Rilski. The article discusses the main writings, which have a direct relationship with the Rila Remake and build one textual and to a great extent linguistic family, differentiated in the so-called Rila Editing of Istoriya Slavyanobulgarska. The genealogic relationships in this range of writings has been studied as well.

Key words: Rila editing of Istoriya Slavyanobulgarska, Rila Remake, rewritings of Rila remake, Rila editing rewritings’ genealogy