Author: Natalia Dm. Kochetkova
Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House) of Russian Academy of Scienses 
Translated from Russian by Tanya Neycheva
Published in: Slavjanski dialozi, XIV, 2017, 19

Abstract: The article focuses on the poem of N. M. Karamzin Melancholy. Imitation of Delille (1802) and the prosaic translation of this work, published at the same time by P. Yu. Lvov under the title Flowers of Melancholy. An Excerpt from the Poem “Imagination” by Mr. de Lily. The source of the translations was the publication of an excerpt from the poem by J. Delille (Delille, 1738 – 1813) Imagination (L’Imagination), published in 1800 in the journal Spectateur du Nord. Karamzin managed not only to convey the tonality of the original, but also to find new nuances to describe the human psychological state – a gradual transition from sorrow to comfort. The literary and archaic translation of P. Yu. Lvov was doomed to failure. The poem by Karamzin in many respects preceded the poetic finds of Russian lyricists at the beginning of the 19th century.

Key words: poetic translation, Russian-French literary connections, N. M.
Karamzin, P. Yu. Lvov, Russian lyrics of the beginning of the XIX century