Author: Xavier Galmiche
Sorbonne Paris IV
Translation from French by Zhorzheta Cholakova
Published in: Slavyanski dialozi, I, 2004, 2/3

Abstract: It isn’t easy to identify the speciftcity of the different currents of avant-garde of the beginning of 20th century (late symbolism, cubism, then poetism and surrealism, which аге close to dadaism, formalism, futurism, etc.), which flew upon the cities of Central Europe and particularly of the Czech republic. All of them share а desire for rupture which puts upside down semantic structures, what formalism and structuralism conceived as “defamiliarization” which occurs in the expressionist esthetic, based not оn semantic ruptures, but оn distortion and paroxysm, questioning Czech works, especially the texts of Bohuslav Reynek (1892—1971), оnе of most emblematic authors of expressionism.