Author: Nadezhda Nikolova
Institute for Bulgarian Language – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Published in Slavyanski dialozi, XVII, 2020, 25

Abstract: In the 21st century, the interest in the study of medicinal plants both in the world and in Bulgaria is growing rapidly. Plants are universal symbols of human spiritual culture. The role of medicinal plants in folk medicine is determined primarily by the presence of a special plant code, which is associated with their participation in numerous qualification systems. The article presents the medicinal plants with wide application in the “Ethnolinguistic Dictionary of Folk Medicine”, which are a huge amount of the corpus of the dictionary. Linguoculturological analysis of medicinal plants is carried out. Bulgaria is a country with rich and diverse nature, so the living connection with medicinal plants is an important element of the Bulgarian national character, traditions and culture.

Key words: medicinal plants, folk medicine, Ethnolinguistic dictionary of folk medicine, linguoculturology.