Author: Anja Jeftić
University of Banja Luka
Translation from Serbian by Evelina Grozdanova
Published in Slavyanski dialozi , IV,  2007, 7

Abstract: Monk Isaiah was one of the prominent names of Serbian 14th century literature, whose translations have remained to be of great importance until present time. He translated works of the Byzantine 5th century writer, Dionysius Aeropagita, the so called Corpus Aeropagiticum, to Slavic language. The Dionysius’ work comprised both linguistic heritage of antique classic literature and the newly-formed linguistic code of Christian theologians, and the complex spiritual sense of the author’s work necessitated not only the already existing words but he created his own neologisms. The translator succeeded in transposing all these like a “mirror reflection” from the Greek language source into the Old Serbian-Slavic language.