Author: Diana Ivanova
Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv
Published in Slavyanski dialozi, XVIII, 2021, 27

Abstract: The subject of this article are the phonetic features reflected in the literary idiom of Hr. Pavlovic in Рismennik obshtepolezen (A Letter Writing Handbook of General use) (1835). The analyzed excerpted material on the phonetic level contributes to the strengthening of the thesis that in the first decade of his work, Hr. Pavlovic adopts the Slavic Bulgarian literary type, which combines elements of different systems functioning during this period: the Church Slavonic language (perceived as Old Bulgarian) and the spoken (dialectal ) speech. The highlighted significant presence of dialect phonetic forms in the Letter Writing Handbook shows that the author is using the softer (less archaic) variety of the Slavic Bulgarian literary type.
Key words: Hr. Pavlovich, Рismennik obshtepolezen (1835), literary idiom, phonetic features, Slavic Bulgarian literary type