Author: Tatyana Ilieva
Cyrillo-Methodian Research Center at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Published in: Slavyanski dialozi, XIX, 2022, 30 [In Bulgarian]

Abstract: The article examines the different methods of translation (word-based, morpheme-based and semantic) used by the author of the Old Bulgarian translation of The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel with a commentary by Theodorites of Crete, according to Manuscript F.I.461 (The National Library of Russia, St. Petersburg) from the 14th century. On the basis of the analysis conducted, the researcher comes to the conclusion that the translation has peculiarities characteristic of both the translations by St. Cyril and St. Methodius, on the one hand, and of the Preslav literary norm, on the other. This points unmistakably to the fact that the translator belonged to the literary circle of the capital but was also familiar with the traditions of the Thessalonica brothers, carried on by their disciples and followers.
Key words: the history of the Bible translations in medieval Bulgaria, the Preslav translation of the Old Testament, the Slavonic interpretative Bible