Author: Marcel Černý 
Institute of Slavistics – Czech Academy of Sciences
Charles University in Prague
Translated from Czech: Krasimira Marinova
Published in: Slavyanski dialozi,  VIII, 2011, 12

Abstract: The paper offers a review of the history of Czech-Bulgarian and Slovak-Bulgarian literary relations starting as early as their first appearance which in the Czech context dates back to the end of 18th century whereas in Slovak context the interest towards Bulgarian literature didn’t begin until the end of the World War II. In this process in Slovakia, the domineering role of the literary criticism and two key persons – Dionýz Ďurišin and Jan Koška, is emphasized. Special attention is paid to Jan Koška’s book Reception as creativity. Slovak-Bulgarian relations  (Recepcia­ ako ­tvorba: ­slovensko-bulharské ­literárne­ vzťahy ­1826­­1989. Bratislava:­ SAV,­ 2003) which is the most representative study of thе topic at that time.

Key words: Czech-Bulgarian literary relations, Slovak-Bulgarian literary relations, reception, Jan Koška