Author: Irena Bogoczová
University of Ostrava
Translated from Czech by Momchil Karagyozov
Published in: Slavyanski dialozi, VIII, 2011, 12

Abstract: In the article two languages are compared, as well as two theoretical (sociolinguistic) works on them, namely: Jihoslovanští Rusíni, jejich kultura a jazyk by Sven R. Gustavsson (Praha 2006) and Lemkowie. W kręgu badań nad mniejszościami etnolingwistycznymi w Europieby by Małgorzata Misiak (Wrocław 2006). The article concentrates on the status of the two mentioned-above languages; the description of the two ethnicites that speak the languages; the description of linguistic enviroment the two ethnicities live in and, last but not least, on the denominations (linguanyms) used in technical literature in connection with the two languages.

Key words: Lemko language, Yugoslavo-Rusyn (Yugoslavo-Ruthenian) language, Gustavsson, Misiak