Author: Christina Hristeva
Paisii Hilendarski university of Plovdiv
Published in: Slavyanski dialozi, XV, 2018, 22

Abstract: The article examines the most significant literary manifestations of the female fairy tale character in the Czech Revival poetry and prose, outlining the earlier traces of this image in the Czech Middle Ages. This retrospective view shows the cultural continuity that the Revival carried out in relation to the earliest written evidence of the presence of this image in the Czech traditional culture. The research focuses on the most representative works from the 1830s to the 1850s, when the interest in folklore was manifested not only in the collection and publication of folk songs and tales, but also in the creation of the literary texts based on folklore models. In poetry this female character is interpreted by Fr. L. Čelakovský and K. J. Erben, and in the fairy tales by K. J. Erben and B. Němcová. Some of its modifications related to particular aspects of the traditional folklore prototype as well as to the ideology of the authors have been discussed.

Key words: Czech Revival, female fairy tale character, Fr. L. Čelakovský, K. J. Erben, B. Němcová