Author: Bistra Popovska
Paisii Hilendarski university of Plovdiv
Published in Slavyanski dialozi, 21, 2018

Abstract: This paper reports an experiment that examined the production and perception of Bulgarian compound and phrasal stress. The stimuli for this experiment comprise a list of 17 minimal sets of 2 types – compounds and phrases. In the production task they were recorded in experimental conditions with a minimal pair sentence task by 16 Bulgarian native speakers. In the perception task, the stress in the compounds and phrases was identified and marked by 5 listeners. After processing the results, they showed that the Bulgarian compounds in the majority of the cases, were stressed according to the Bulgarian pattern of compound stress. In the case of phrases, however, there was no empirical evidence that the Bulgarian stress pattern is indeed the way they are pronounced and perceived by listeners. 

Key words: compound, phrase, production of Bulgarian compound, perception, Bulgarian stress pattern