Author: Ivan Cholakov
Paisii Hilendarski university of Plovdiv
Published in: Slavyanski dialozi, XV, 2018, 21

Abstract: At the beginning of the twentieth century, a new stage in the development of Bulgarian methodological thought began, which focused on the synthesis of traditional and innovative methods of teaching the native language and pays particular attention to the creative aspect of the educational process. These conceptual guidelines are stimulated by the current trends in European education and penetrate into Bulgarian context mainly through German and Russian didactic science. The article analyses one of these sources of influence – Pyotr O. Afanasievʼs Methodology of Teaching Russian at Secondary School (1940), whose positive reception is reflected into one of the most authoritative works in this field in our country – Methodology of Teaching Bulgarian (1941) by Ivan Hadzhov.

Key words: methodology of teachingthe native language, Pyotr O. Afanasiev, Ivan Hadzhov