Author: Yoan Lazarev
Maxim Gorky Moscow Art Academic Theater
Translation from Russian by Ilonka Georgieva
Published in: Slavyanski dialozi, XVI, 2019, 24, 72-92

Abstract: The article offers an overview of samizdat as a key phenomenon of counterculture in the years of Soviet rule. The time limits have been clarified and periodization has been proposed, and these are still debatable issues of literary history. The typology of the literary production of the Russian samizdat is outlined, paying attention to both the book production and the periodicals, such as the Leningrad magazines Syntax, Optima, 37, Chasy or the Moscow Veche, Poiski and others. Samizdat is a major platform not only for valuable works of art, but also for human rights, religious and philosophical literature.

Key words: samizdat, tamizdat, Solzhenitsyn, Sakharov, Brodskiy, Leningrad uncensored periodicals, Moscow uncensored periodicals