Author: Krasimira Chakarova
Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv 
Published in Slavyanski dialozi, II,  2005, 4 (1)

Abstract: The object of analysis in the paper is the aspect theory of the eminent Bulgarian slavicist Sv. Ivanchev. In the course of the analysis, the focuse is set on several debatable and unclarified points in this theory – homonimy between the two variants of the secondary imperfective acpect, the place of the imperfective forms within the aspect system, differences between the so-called lexical and grammatical repetititveness – which, to great extent, have prevented the establishment of this original theory as an alternative to some traditional (but not up-to-date) treatments of aspect in Bulgarian linguistics. In the conclusion of the paper, there is a summary of Sv. Ivanchev’s main contributions to the development of Slavic aspectuality. He is the first Bulgarian linguist to have given a precise scientific characterization of the paradigm of grammatical iterativeness – one of the elements in the aspectual triad. His theory casts consideramle light on the problem of the grammatical kernel in the aspectual sphere and cam justifiably be regarded as the true beginning of the modern understanding of the specifics of the Bulgarian verbal scpect.