To the Readers


Mariola Walczak-Mikołajczakowa, Patryk Borowiak (Poznań)
Poznań Bulgarian Studies on the Eve of its 35th Anniversary

Mária Dudás (Budapest)
70 Years of Bulgarian Philology at the Loránd Eötvös University in Budapest

Elena Krejčová, Pavel  Krejčí (Brno)
Contemporary Linguistic Bulgarian Studies at Masaryk University in Brno


Iliyana Krapova (Venice)
Possessiveness and Grammaticalization in Constructions with an External Possessor in the Bulgarian Language

Boris Norman (Minsk)
About Some Secondary Functions of the Definite Article in Bulgarian

Christina Markou (Komotini)
A Comparative Study of Gradation in Color Terms between Bulgarian and Modern Greek


Marcel Černý (Prague)
Two Czech-Bulgarian Encounters with Simeon Karel Macháček: The Czech Version of the Libretto of the Opera Elisena, Princess Volharian (1827) and the One-Act Play The Bulgarian (1846)

Marijana Bijelić (Zagreb)
Archetypical Conflicts between Male Family Members in Modern Bulgarian Prose

Jakub Mikulecký (Prague)
Irene Dolska, or the Memory of Stalinism in Bulgaria. A Look at the Literary Work of a Bulgarian Émigré in Italy

Hüseyin Mevsim (Ankara)
Viktor (Paskov) and Kemal (Demirel): Our Memory Is Sacred, Why We Need To Tell It

Angelika Kosieradzka (Warsaw)
Literary Representations of the Multiculturalism of Plovdiv on the Example of the Novels Far from Toledo by Angel Wagenstein and Angel’s Tongues by Dimitré Dinev
Translation from Polish by Dimitrina Hamze

Christian Voss (Berlin)
The Literary Field of Georgi Gospodinov, or Why Did a Bulgarian Win the Booker Prize 2023?
Translation from German by Radoslava Minkova