Author: Martina Salhiová
Masaryk University
Translation from Czech by Borislava Kasavalcheva, Maria Lolova
Published in Slavyanski dialozi,  XVIII, 2021, 27

Abstract: Currently, there is a great development in fairy-tale picture books in the Czech Republic and in Bulgaria. They show a new conception of the relations between visual and verbal representation. Mostly, they do not have the classic form of fairytales, but the form of magical stories, which make use mainly of a child hero, an animal hero, and adventure plots. Some books are so much entangled with their illustrations that they can hardly be printed without them. This is reflected primarily in the fairy-tale books which have been created by one author as his/her unique work of art.
Key words: childrenʼ s and youth literature, Czech authorʼ s fairy tale, Bulgarian authorʼ s fairy tale, picture book, role of illustration in books for children and youth