Author: Radostina Stoyanova
Saint Petersburg State University
Published in: Slavyanski dialozi, XIV, 2017, 20

Abstract: This article presents observations on the modern Bulgarian, Russian and Ukrainian film terminology as an art form. Special attention is paid to the phenomena of migration and borrowing of terms as methods of the discipline-specific vocabulary replenishment; the path of borrowings from the source language to the recipient language, sometimes through the intermediary language is traced; some terms of domestic origin are revealed; terms by the method of borrowing are considered – transliteration, calquing, joining of term elements. The process of internationalization of the terminological systems of the Bulgarian, Russian and Ukrainian languages is considered as a tendency of convergence of literary languages.

Key words: terminology, cinematography, migration, borrowing, mediate language, internationalism, internationalization, transterminologization, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian