Author: Ivan Cholakov
Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv 
Published in: Slavyanski dialozi, XIV, 2017, 20

Abstract: Methodology of the Bulgarian language by Dimitar Grancharov belongs to the Bulgarian methodological heritage from the first half of the twentieth century, when Herbartianism in the Bulgarian educational system was about to give way to the experimental pedagogy developed by P. Tsonev and the innovative ideas introduced by L. Georgiev and I. Hadzhov. In this sense, the work of Grancharov occupies a middle position in the history of the Bulgarian methodological thought, but has not been the subject of special academic research so far. Being a consistent Herbartian at the beginning of his pedagogical work, the author has become a strong supporter of the ideas for the freedom of teacher’s creativity in the process of education and of the active use of various methods and techniques in order to develop students’ communicative and speaking skills.

Key words: Dimitar Grancharov, methodology, pedagogy, educational process, discourse